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Ecotech oil mist filter

Micronfilter manufactures Ecotech oil mist collectors with 5 stage filtration. The air polluted by the oil mist particles passes through a mechanical, cyclonic separator made by a helical element and a metal net, both inserted in a channel having same section of the inlet device. In this pre-abatement section, thanks to the centrifugal force exerted by the fan, the pollutant droplets collide against the walls of the channel, while the wire net prevents their return in the air flow, by sliding them along the walls until the hopper collection.

The coolant so re-condensed is thus collected in a special bin or channeled through hydraulic piping and, eventually, recycled. This way are captured the majority part of oil particles suspended in the air. Subsequently, the air flow passes through the drop separator and the metal mesh pre-filter; thanks to the high efficiency of these filtering sections and the thickness of their filter elements, the mass of the air is now completely purified from contaminant droplets ranging from big to average dimensions.

To eliminate the residual impurities, such as mists, micro-mists and vapours, the air flow is finally conveyed through a filter cartridge made of polypropylene and cellulose of first choice, around which is wrapped a special belt of material, favoring the coalescing process and the aggregation of micro-mists, while preserving the life of the cartridge

  • Ecotech AXO model is with HEPA-filter
  • Normal Ecotech model is WITHOUT HEPA-filter

Working Principle for Ecotech oil mist collector

Oil air mist inlet

2. Oil drain hopper

3. Oil collecting bottle

4. Drop separator

5. Wire metal mesh prefilter

6. Cartridge holding bracket

7. Coalescence polypropylene prefilter

8. Fan

9. Clean air outlet


Values ​​in parentheses are with HEPA filter (AXO model)

ModelAir flow
Average sound level
without absolute filter
Weight without filter
Filtration area
Inlet ø
Wheeled collection bins capacity
ECOTECH 4000 (AXO)4000 (3600)2,24,6175290252×2805
ECOTECH 6000 (AXO)6000 (5400)46,176420303×28010

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