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Smart Disk Skimmer

Simple Disk Skimmer
  • Smart Disk Skimmer separates floating tramp oils from coolant
  • 2 quarts per hour oil removal capacity (1,9 l/h)
  • Different disk sizes ø300 or ø460 mm
  • 220 V
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Two year warranty
  • Includes an external timer
  • High-temperature disks for wash water available (100°C)



GS4H300E Smart Disk Skimmer measurements
GS4H460E Smart Disk Skimmer measurements
divertteri toimintaperiaate

1. Oil (tramp and coolant) enter here

2. Coolant sinks and passes under this wall

3. Clean coolant returns to your sump here

4. Tramp oils discharge to waste container here

TypeDiskReach from mounting pointMax temperature
GS4H300E12″ (300 mm)4,5″ (114,3 mm)32°C (90°F)
GS4H460E18″ (460 mm)7,0″ (178,8 mm)32°C (90°F)
GS4W300E12″ (300 mm)4,5″ (114,3 mm)100°C (212°F)
GS4W460E18″ (460 mm)7,0″ (178,8 mm)100°C (212°F)



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