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Belt Skimmer

Belt skimmer
  • Belt skimmer is constructed with heavy-duty steel
  • Removable collection tray
  • Fixed lower pulley (lengths ranging from 8″ to 24″)
  • Rated at 1 gallon per hour (3,8 l/h)
  • Choose your size: reach from 8″ to 72″
  • Available for washers
  • Two year warranty for the motor and the transmission
  • Includes an external timer
  • 220V or 110V
belt skimmer measurements




  • Install your skimmer in seconds!
  • NOTICE! requires diverter


How it works?

1. Oil (tramp and coolant) enter here

2. Coolant sinks and passes under this wall

3. Clean coolant returns to your sump here

4. Tramp oils discharge to waste container here

divertteri toimintaperiaate

TypeBelt reachTemperature
BPF1-08E8″ (200mm x 25mm)4°C – 27°C
BPF1-12E12″ (300mm x 25mm)4°C – 27°C
BPF1-18E18″ (450mm x 25mm)4°C – 27°C
BPF1-24E24″ (600mm x 25mm)4°C – 27°C
BPF1-36E36″ (910mm x 25mm)4°C – 27°C
BPF1-48E48″ (1220mm x 25mm)4°C – 27°C
BPF1-60E60″ (1520 mm x 25mm)4°C – 27°C
BPF1-72E72″ (1820mm x 25mm)4°C – 27°C
BPF2-08E8″ (200mm x 50mm)4°C – 27°C
BPF2-12E12″ (300mm x 50mm)4°C – 27°C
BPF2-24E24″ (600mm x 50mm)4°C – 27°C
BSF1-08E8″ (200mm x 25mm)15°C – 100°C
BSF1-12E12″ (300mm x 25mm)15°C – 100°C
BSF1-18E18″ (450mm x 25mm)15°C – 100°C
BSF1-24E24″ (600mm x 25mm)15°C – 100°C



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