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The MAXFLOW series is the ultimate solution for filtering large volumes of coolant. Its innovative design allows it to store a significant amount of coolant liquid inside, resulting in extremely high hydrostatic pressure that guarantees a flow-rate of 700 to 2000 l/min with minimal fabric consumption. Whether you are drawing, rolling, honing, or grinding, MAXFLOW filters are the perfect choice for purifying emulsions and neat oils in all industrial processes.


  • Kalamit magnetic cleaner
  • Tank according to your measurements
  • Pump for the tank
  • Control to the above

How does it work?

maxflow toimintaperiaate

The liquid to be cleaned enters through a side opening and is distributed by a special distribution tray (1) on the fabric underneath. From here it is distributed over the underlying fabric by means of a special distribution tray (1); the whole is designed so as to make the liquid basin (2) that generates the hydrostatic pressure. The dirty liquid penetrates the fabric and deposits the polluting particles on it (3). Over time, the sludge layer builds up, creating a highly effective additional filter medium. However, the fabric cannot move forward because the high liquid accumulation leads to hydrostatic pressure, enabling liquid to flow through the deposited contaminant layer.This process ensures improved filtering efficiency and significant fabric savings, while maintaining high filtration volumes. As the sludge builds up the fabric’s permeability decreases, causing the liquid level inside the purifier to rise. This causes the gearmotor to advance the dirty fabric, exposing a new clean section. Finally, the soiled fabric is collected together with the sludge in a special tank.

Measurements ja technical specifications

Maxflow mitat
ModelABCEmulsion flow rate
Oil flow rate
Rating of
Maxflow 7008201490124070035010-50710
Maxflow 1000112014901240100050010-50730
Maxflow 1500162014901240150075010-50750
Maxflow 20002120149012402000100010-50850



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