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Evotech Pro

How does it work?

The “Evotech PRO” series is the most effective solution for the filtration of both light and floating solids. Due to the unique design which utilizes a fabric dragging system inside the filter combined with the suspended particle transport system. Compared to other filter beds with the same filtering surface area, the Evotech PRO series doubles the volume of liquid processed. Depending on the type of filter media utilized, the Evotech PRO can achieve filtration levels between 10 to 60 microns and is designed for flow rates between 200 to 600 l/ min (53 – 158 gpm).


  • Kalamit magnetic cleaner
  • Tank according to your measurements
  • Pump for the tank
  • Control to the above

The (1.) dirty coolant flows into the filter. As the fluid flows into the filter, a (2.) water column is created with a (3.) very high hydrostatic head. A combined effect is thus achieved between the filter fabric (4.) and a solid created layer, which further increases the filtration efficiency. When the progressive accumulation of solids clogs the filter media and the liquid can no longer flow through the filter media, the liquid level rises together with the float (5.) which activates a proximity switch. The proximity switch activates the gearmotor and the filter media is advanced forwarding (6.) A rewinding system rolls up the dirty filter dirty fabric for easy disposal. As the fabric moves forward, the dredging scrapers also advance (7.) helping to evacuate suspended particles that have not deposited on the fabric in the purifier. The dirty fabric is separated from the sludge and rewound on the reel, thus facilitating the separation of solid waste and reducing disposal costs.

Measurements and technical specifications

Evotech mitat
Flow Rate
Neat Oil
Flow Rate
EvoPro 5005098008281235130200100
EvoPro 70070910008281235155325170
EvoPro 1000100913009931400200450225
EvoPro 1200120915009931400220600300



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